Top 6 Animated Powerpoint Templates

Top 6 Animated Powerpoint Templates 2

Animated powerpoint templates preparation and creation is a complex tasks for the presenter. It takes a lot of time and skills. When designing and preparing PowerPoint presentations, most creators ignore the key elements of a creative slideshow: animation. Animations are important because they make your presentation slides interactive and emphasize the key point of data. Most of you may not know the way of modern presentation style.  Without a proper combination of graphics, animations and content management, your presentation may not focus on the targeted audience. So, you must have to think about whether your slides capture your audience’s attention or not.  In the same way, your presentation must be a professional and eye-catching animated presentation. 

If you have a time limit to prepare slides or you are not a powerpoint expert and you have time but less idea and skill on making eye-catching graphics then, don’t worry. Hundreds of slide developers and designers are working for you. They build different types of powerpoint templates such as animated powerpoint templates. The designer makes template in hundreds of areas and provide for others in free of cost or with the cost.  Today I’m going to discuss top cool animated powerpoint templates that fulfil your requirements. These presentations are available in Envato and GraphicRiver.

Business Animated Powerpoint Presentation

Top 6 Animated Powerpoint Templates 3

Are you seeking business animated keynote presentations that have cutting-edge international style? The Business Animated PowerPoint Presentation is best for you. It fulfils all of your requirements. You can customize the slide template as per your requirement without having expertise on slide design.  The template has a full HD quality presentation (16:9). Similarly, It has 1000 icon sets and fully animated slides and transitions. The template used free Lato fonts that can easily download from . In addition, you can get a documentation file too.  After subscribing, you can get a free update and support.


ThePress – Animated Powerpoint Template

ThePress Animated PowerPoint Template

ThePress is one of the best animated PowerPoint Templates in It is fully animated PowerPoint templates that have over 480 unique slides. ThePress presentation templates have drag and drop placeholders features where you can place images in image placeholder using the features. Similarly, It also has 122 pre-made colour options which are easy to change with few clicks. The colour option can help to make your presentation meaningful and attractive. In the same way, ThePress animated PowerPoint template has a smooth and well-prepared animation which is ready for your projects. The animation features make your slide smooth operation and curious for participants. All the elements are editable without losing quality because the objects are vector-based.


Pitch Deck Animated Powerpoint

Top 6 Animated Powerpoint Templates 4

Are you searching for a professional slide presentation with smooth, stylish, modern design with animation? Don’t lose your time to search the slide template because the Pitch Deck animated PowerPoint slide template fulfils your presentation requirement. It has great features of different designing and animation areas. More than 500 unique slides are easily editable and customizable. You can easily change any colour themes. Drag and drop features make it easier to add images in the image placeholder. The animated slide templates have the vector map and 500 vector-based icons. In the same way, it has an editable table which you can easily edit and customize. It has 16×9 (Widescreen) features. More than 16 covers parallax effect which makes fully animated PowerPoint slides. It also has a portfolio and calendar template that you can add to your slide. Process and timeline slide templates are also included where you can customize your presentation. Similarly, different styles of chart and diagram which is easily customizable. Social media Quotes and puzzle slides are also available.


Proposal Powerpoint Animated

Top 6 Animated Powerpoint Templates 5

Proposal PowerPoint slide template is the best option for a professional proposal presentation. It is one of the best professional animated PowerPoint templates. Don’t spend more time, go to, download the template and customize the text, object, graphic and other elements as per your demand. It has 300+ professional slides. The presentation includes big data, tables and plan, process, timeline, analysis, chart, arrow, gadget, calendar, photomask, social media, quotes, puzzle, maps, COVID-19 and covers animation. Likewise, the template has more than 60 animated wow-covers and 700 full animation slides which enables you to display slide content dynamic view. It has Easily customizable colours and 10 ready-made colour schemes. Different types of tables, plans and timelines have included. In the same way, the template also has different designed charts and diagram, data analysis presentation slide such as SWOT analysis.

Variety of device mockups slides make it easier to edit or customize the slides. The templates have 500 vector line icons. Similarly, it has vector maps of different countries such as United States, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Venezuela, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, China, Japan, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, Portugal, India, Australia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Singapore, India, New Zeland, Mexico.


i9 Template System

Top 6 Animated Powerpoint Templates 6

9I Template System is another popular animated PowerPoint template system that fulfils your slide presentation requirements. The template is a great choice. It has more than 13000 slides with 22 templates fully animated. You can easily use custom gradient bitmaps using JPEGs and Photoshop file as per your design. The template comes with more than 250 custom icons. Each slide has a dark and light version. Tons of infographics, data-driven charts and diagrams, flowcharts and mind maps, process diagrams, tree diagrams, puzzle diagrams and many more features. All of the objects are easily editable and you can add a custom hyperlink in the icon and social media icon.


Sketch Powerpoint Template

Top 6 Animated Powerpoint Templates 7

The Sketch is one of the top popular animated PowerPoint templates. The template has 32 unique slides and more than 30 hand-drawn graphics and icons. All illustrations are also available in a separate file in a fully editable version. You can customize each of the slide objects. All of the elements are animated. The format of the presentation is 1024×768 pixels. The Cabin Sketch and Daniel fonts are used in templates that can be found free.



In this post, I’ve shared some of the top animated PowerPoint templates. All of the templates are premium. When you use a premium template you save your time because you start with top slide design which you quickly customize adding your text and images. If you have any difficulties to customize you can easily get support form, respective author. These types of slide templates can strengthen your presentation.

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