How to Add Clip Arts, Change the Slide Size and Print Slides with Notes?


In Microsoft PowerPoint, there is an option to add different types of powerpoint clip arts in your presentation. The clip art is a media file that contains animation, image, video, audio. After the versions of Office 2010, you must have an internet connection to get the clip art. To insert powerpoint clip art, you can directly insert from the web. You have to access You have to follow some steps to insert clip art. Similarly, In Microsoft Powerpoint you can change the slide size in different options. To change the slide size you have to follow basic steps.

Today’s presentation devices have a variety of features to show the PowerPoint Slide. If you have a high definition presentation devices then you have to make compitable slides. In the PowerPoint presentation, you can add the notes for each slide. The note helps you to guide the presentation in the right way.  Similarly, you can also print each slide with notes. Similarly, you can view your notes while delivering the presentation.

For creating a powerpoint note, go to normal view. To jump the normal view go to the View tab,  select the Normal View and select notes if not selected.  Under the slide, you can add a note for each slide. Normally, powerpoint print the slides without notes. In this condition, you may have to queries how to print powerpoint with notes. To solve the question,  you have to do simple actions in powerpoint.

How to Insert PowerPoint Clip Arts in Office 2007 and 2010?

  1. Go to Insert Tab, select Clip Art under Image Selection.
  2.  On the Search In list and select where you want to search. (My Collections, Office Collections, Web Collections)
  3. Type the keyword (clip art name)  in Search for box.
  4.  Check media types (Clip Art, Photographs, Movies, Sounds) under Results should be.
  5.  Click on Go to start the search.
    1. Task panel displays the search results, you can scroll the image if the result is more than the task panel.
    2. To view, the clip in the larger size then right-click on the clip and click on Preview/Properties. you can also view the next and previous image by clicking the Next and Previous button on Preview/Properties.
  6. To Insert clip in your slide then, right-click on the clip and click on Insert.

How to Insert PowerPoint Clip Arts in Office 2013, 2016,2019 and 365?

Insert Clip Art
  1. Go to Insert Menu or Tab
  2. Click on Online Pictures
  3. Type keyword for search clipart in Online Pictures and press enter key.
  4. Filter by types (Photograph, Clipart, Line drawing, Animated GIF, transparent), Layout (Square, Wide, Tall), Color (Color Only, Black & White)
  5. Select the image and click on Insert. 

How to print powerpoint with notes?

  • Go to the File menu
  • Click on Print or press Ctrl +P key
  • Click on Print All Slides
  • Under the Notes Pages  Select the option of Print Layout.
  • There are three Print Layout options. 1. Full Page Slides 2. Notes Pages 3. Outline 
  • Choose Notes Pages option from Print Layout.
  • Choose Handouts (1 slide, 2 slide, 3 slide, 4 slide, 5 slide, 6 slide, 7 slide, 8 slide, 9 slide)

How to print powerpoint slide with notes?

In the same way, you can print out the powerpoint slides as handouts. The handouts export slides with notes into Microsoft powerpoint. To create handouts follow the following steps.

  • Go to the File menu
  • Click on Export
  • Click on Create Handouts
  • Choose page layout in Microsoft Word option (Notes next to slide, Blank lines next to slides, Notes below slides, Blank Lines below the slide, Outline only).
  • Finally, Click on the Ok button.

How to change Presentation Slide Size?

  • Go to Design Tab
  • Click on Slide Size in Customize in the right corner.
  • Choose (standard 4:3, widescreen 16:9) anyone as per the presentation device.
  • Click on Custom Slide Size.
  • Choose an option from Slide Sided for drop drawn box and set orientation option for Slide and note, handouts and outline.
  • Click on Ok Button.


how to print powerpoint with notes

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