How to Easy Drawings and Custom Shapes in Powerpoint

Easy Drawings Custom Shapes

In Microsoft PowerPoint, you can draw the pre define basic shapes. If you want to draw custom shapes, then you have to combine the existing shapes. Similarly, If you have a touch-enabled device, want to easy drawings with your finger, a digital pen or a mouse a then you have to use custom methods. It means you have to utilize free-hand pen and drawing tools.  Normally in PowerPoint, you can’t use the freehand features. To enable Easy Drawings features you have to add draw menu in powerpoint. This is not a default menu of Microsoft PowerPoint.

How to Add Draw Menu in PowerPoint?

  • Go to File Menu.
  • Click on Options.
  • In PowerPoint Options, Click on Customize Ribbon.
  • In Customize Ribbon’s Main Tabs, Check on Draw. Easy Drawings Custom Shapes
  • Click on Ok Button.
  • Then after draw menu will appearEasy Drawings Custom Shapes

Now you can able to use a touch-enabled device, draw with your finger, a digital pen or a mouse.

Draw and Write Custom Shapes

After adding the Draw menu you can see the draw tools in the Draw menu.  Thre are 3 menu categories tools.

  1. Tools (Draw, Eraser-(Stroke, small, medium, Segment), Lasso Select)
  2. Pens and Add Pen (Pen, Pencil, Highlighter)
  3. Stencils (Ruler)
  4. Convert (Ink to Shape, Ink to Math)
  • Go to Draw Menu/Tab and tap a pen along with size (.25 mm to 3.5 mm)
  • Easy Drawings
  • Choose a colour or effect.
  • Draw your custom shape.
  • You can also save draw object in png, gif, jpg, bmp, tif, wmf, emf, svg file format.

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