How to add slide number in PowerPoint slides – Various methods

Slide numbers makes presentation slides, easier to use and work with. But not sure how to add them? Let’s explore the various possibilities.

Using Header and Footers (quick and easy)

This one is easier and faster and requires little knowledge of PowerPoint. Headers and footers are available in each slide of the presentation so adding slid number from there is obviously easier. Note: Headers are not available in slides.

  1. Inside Insert tab, you will find Header & Footer, click on that.
  2. Inside Header and Footer, under Slide tab, enable the Slide number and click on Apply.

This method is straight forward and lacks customization. But this makes it better for beginners.

header and footer - slide tab

Using Slide Number

In earlier method you could add the slide number in default position of the slide, i.e. Bottom right corner of the slide. In case, you want the page number to be in different position, you will need to position the slide number using Slide Number option.

  1. Inside Insert tab, you will find Slide Number.
  2. When you click on that, Slide Number button, two different events can happen depending on the cursor status in the slide:
    1. Cursor is not in text box : In this case, the Header and Footers box will much like in earlier method.
    2. Cursor is in a text box and is blinking: In this case, the page number of the slide will be inserted in the text box, right where the cursor was active.

Remark: This method is best suitable when the slide number is required in a custom location.

Using Master Slide – Best and consistent result

This method requires familiarity about master slides and what they are. So knowledge about master slides is recommend. This uses one of the above method but in addition with Master Slides to make the workflow consistent.

Inside Master view you can follow any of the above methods to add slide number to PowerPoint slide and the change will be reflected in the slide that use the master layout.

Notes and issues:

Hidden Slides:

If you have hidden slides in the presentation, then adding the slide number using text box and then add the slide number to each text box.

Footer Doesn’t appear on Slides:

In some cases, footer may not be visible for Header and Footer method to work. If it’s the title slide, make sure the Don’t show on title slide is not selected. If it’s other slides then you have check if the slide master and slide layout have remove the placeholder for the footer in their layout design.

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