Powerpoint Notes Print, 2 Best Ways.

Powerpoint Note

The powerpoint note helps you to guide the presentation in the right way. In the Powerpoint presentation, you can add the powerpoint notes for each slide.  Similarly, you can also print each slide with notes. You can also view your notes in your PC while delivering the presentation in a projector or projection device.

Notes don’t appear while displaying the PowerPoint presentation.  But they are in an attachment to side like an adjunct. Each of the slides has its own page of notes. In the bottom of the slide notes are found. Usually, they are hidden in a tiny. The note pane displays  “Click to add notes” in brown text. To enlarge notes pane, you have to click and drag up the top pane line as required.

If your presentation doesn’t show the note pane, click on Notes displays on task pane of powerpoint. Similarly, powerpoint has a separate view designed for working with notes pages. Notes are too small to see or work within note page view unless you increase the zoom.  In the case of the small monitor, You can use a zoom. There is no keyboard shortcut method available to go directly to Note Page View. The previous versions included a button for this alongside the overview buttons in the lower-right corner of the screen.

In note area, the typed text can use any of the standard function features like, copy, cut and paste. To create a new paragraph press enter key of your keyboard. To view the note, the status bar of powerpoint shows the Notes button. You can click this button to hide or show notes.

To create a note in powerpoint, go to normal view. To jump the normal view go to the View tab,  select the Normal View and select notes if not selected.  Under the slide, you can add a note for each slide. Normally, powerpoint print the slides without notes. In this condition, you may have to queries how to print powerpoint with notes. To solve the question,  you have to do simple actions in powerpoint.

Powerpoint Note

How to Print Powerpoint Notes?

  • Go to the File menu
  • Click on Print or press Ctrl +P key
  • Click on Print All Slides
  • Under the Notes Pages  Select the option of Print Layout. There are three Print Layout options. 1. Full Page Slides 2. Notes Pages 3. Outline 
  • Choose Notes Pages option from Print Layout. Choose Handouts (1 slide, 2 slide, 3 slide, 4 slide, 5 slide, 6 slide, 7 slide, 8 slide, 9 slide)
  • Click on Print button.

Export to Handout and Print.

Powerpoint Note Handout

In the same way, you can print out the powerpoint slides as handouts. The handouts export slides with notes into Microsoft Word. To create handouts follow the following steps.

  • Go to the File menu
  • Click on Export
  • Click on Create Handouts
  • Choose page layout in Microsoft Word option (1.Notes next to slide,  2. Blank lines next to slides, 3. Notes below slides, 4. Blank Lines below the slide, 5.Outline only).
  • Finally, Click on the Ok button.


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