Top Best PowerPoint Alternatives

Top Best PowerPoint Alternatives 2

Microsoft rollout the powerpoint in 1987. It is a popular application to create and present the slide. In the beginning, it was the king of presentation. Nowadays, there are lots of powerpoint alternatives application are available. Similarly, these alternatives have an existing feature. In this post, I’m going to describe some powerpoint alternatives.

1. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a presentation tool where you can create a beautiful presentation without struggle. You can design your slide without being a professional designer. Haiku Deck has more stylish fonts, layouts, and image filters. It has over 40 million royalty-free commons creative images. The presentations are based in the cloud, which makes it easy to share to any devices. It enables you to use images to amplify emotional impact, simplify your message, consistent and clean formatting. It makes your presentation 10 times better in less time. The presentation slide can also export into a PPTX format. Haiku Deck is not a free application but it is the best powerpoint alternatives.

2. Visme

Visme is one of the best powerpoint alternative application. It is everything you need to tell powerful visual stories in slides. It has more infographics and visual content which enable you to display your content in visually. Yo don’t need to speak loudly because the presentation, infographic and visual contents speak itself. It has hundreds of temples and millions of photos and icons. Add audio, video, charts maps, add links to create powerful infographics, reports and presentations. It is also a cloud base application where you create once to share with others and download from anywhere. It is free with limited features.


  • It has more than 100+ templates and slides.
  • Similarly, More than 120 custom fonts
  • Over 500000 high-resolution photos and thousands of vector icons.
  • More than 50 charts, data widgets and dynamic maps

3. Canva

Canava is also a fanatic PowerPoint alternative. Canva is a free application and It focuses on simplicity. It is perfect for both beginners and experts. It has templets where you can easily make a professional smart presentation in less time. The photo editor helps to design the best photos of the presentation. Can consume your time to create a presentation. You can export the file in PDF or PPTX format.


  • More than 20 professional graphs
  • Easily editable graphs
  • Easy drag and drop tools.
  • Photo editor tools
  • More than thousands of free templates
  • Professional print quality

4. Glisser

Glisser is ISO27001 award-winning presentation software. It is the best option for PowerPoint alternative. Glisser is an audience response system, where you can sharing slide, live pooling, digital question and answer,  twitter wall. As a result, it creates an environment to maximise audience participation. Similarly, You can easily analyse audience engagement.


  • Audience Q&A
  • Live Pooling
  • Live Slide Sharing
  • Twitter Wall
  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Q&A and Twitter Moderation
  • Event Feedback
  • Digital Note-Taking
  • Password and Security
  • Hybrid and Virtual Events
  • Custom Branding
  • Sponsored Event Tech

5. SlideBean

SlideBean is an artificial intelligence-powered presentation. It is also a cloud-based application. You can easily create a simply beautiful presentation using existing templates and hundreds of themes. The templets also guide the presentation outline too. In the same way, you can experience the power of artificial intelligence. It automatically converts uploaded content into beautiful slides. So it may be the best powerpoint alternatives for you. You can export the final slide into PDF or PPTX. It is a premium application. You can use it trial version for free.


  • Ai-Powered
  • Content automatically arrange with AI
  • More than 100 templets and themes
  • Outline based templates
  • Blazing fast
  • Pitch-perfect design
  • Smart image recognition

6. Prezi

Prezi may be the best powerpoint alternatives for you. TED Chris Anderson(CEO) tell about Prezi “Prezi is helping to reinvent the art of presentation.” Prezi is a cloud application. It is also a premium cloud application but you can get 14 days free trial. It has different categories of designer templets, millions of reusable presentation. Prezi has a huge image library and thousands of charts, graphics and layouts. The chart, graphics and layouts are easily editable. You can customize the templet quickly and make your own presentation.

7. Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote is like a Microsoft PowerPoint. The application design and developed by Apple. It may be the best powerpoint alternatives for you. It has powerful tools and dazzling effects. You can easily create stunning and impressive presentations. Apple Pencil can be used to create a diagram or illustration from the iPad. It is Microsoft PowerPoint friendly application. You can edit Microsoft powerpoint document in Apple Keynote. It works on any presentation on any device. Work together in real-time on presentations stored on iCloud or Box.

8. Google Slides

Google Slide is a powerpoint alternative. It makes your idea shine with a different type of os themes, hundreds of fonts, animations free.  You can access it from a phone, tablet or computer even there is no internet connection. With Google Slides more people can work together. You never hit save because it automatically saves. You can also use and review history.

9. Focusky

Fccusky is also a side application. It has amazing tools for a killer HTML5 business presentation. It has a user-friendly interface where you can create a slide in an easy way. Focusky has amazing transition effects, animation editor. It has a built-in WordArt, video background and rich media presentation. Similarly, Built-in dynamic characters, integrated with whiteboard animation, charts and graphs, recording narration, social and sharing. In the same way, integrated with interaction designer more than 5000+ online royalty-free vector resources, unlimited hosting cloud platform and cross plateforms. It may be the best powerpoint alternatives for you. 

10. Renderforest

Renderforest is a video presentation cloud application. It enables you to create a presentation in the video to publish in youtube and social media. You can use renderforest as powerpoint alternatives with a video presentation. It is premium software. It creates MP4 video file. 


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